The ambiguity of family life and all the responsibilities involved often make it difficult to see our husbands’ good. So, I love my husband so much and realize that he is a great guy personally; I try to remember that I have a lot more to thank my husband. Often we can focus on the negative things in our relationships. Maybe your partner has a bad habit, maybe things got a little rocky, or perhaps they did something that bothered you recently. I am not saying that my husband is perfect. He is not. But neither am I. However, he is a good man. His shortcomings are a reason I love him so much. I know you don’t want things to happen in your relationship. Sometimes you even experience a rough spot, and you are not sure what to do next. So, take some time this week to think about why you married your spouse. Think for a moment about all the qualities you are thankful for your husband. They say that when we begin to lose sight of what is essential, we can regain our focus by expressing gratitude. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the concern also is in full swing.

Why Are You Grateful for Your Husband?

What’s on your gratitude list – a job, good health, and the birth of a newborn baby? But what about your marriage? Do you thank your partner? For some, the answer will soon confirm. But for others, the answer is more complicated. A friend calls Merry told me that it took her a long time to appreciate her husband’s changes. “For years, I wondered how my husband could be so flawed.” Now, more than 25 years later, she has her changes on his thanksgiving list. If we thought the same way and did things the same way, we would not need each other. So always try to see even his some practices as a blessing to you.

Why I Thankful For My Husband.

  • He takes me. I’m a straightforward person, but even with that, I can be hard to understand. I understand this guy. He knows what I think before I say it – even if it’s an exaggeration.
  • He fights fairly. We don’t fight often, but there is no hit below the belt when there are disagreements.
  • My husband supports my dreams. I’m a big dreamer. I always have been fascinated by ideas, and I am still on a new professional or personal adventure. So, He understands my need to dream, and he always shows his support and encouragement.
  • He listens to me as well. I’m talking a lot! So he listens to her often. I will thank you for that.
  • Especially, He knows what I want. I am very insecure, and sometimes my husband helps me make a decision. When I am lost and confused, he often knows what I want, even though there is room for me to think and be what I want.
  • He crushes me. It’s hard to get married without a sense of humor. My husband laughs at me – maybe right now. It’s our lovely craziness, and I like that.
  • He is a good father, and I feel like there are many negative images of black people being bad dads. Honestly, I have had enough. How grateful I am to have a man who loves and shows his children every day of my life.
  • He is very comfortable around the house. Like to act the way I can do everything on my own, I can do it, but I don’t want to. I am grateful to the man who fixed things, mowed the lawn, and kept our house in good shape.
  • He is a faithful man. A faithful man is more important than anything else. He can never make a mistake as long as He allows God to guide His actions.
  • He never disrespects me. I know women in relationships who disrespect their significant other. I am thankful to be with a man who respects me and because our relationship would not exist without respect.

Six Ways To Shower Your Spouse With Appreciation

Thank your spouse because they care and not because of their job.

When your spouse helps with chores, do not assume that it is their job to do the dishes, remove the trash, feed the baby, or do the groceries. Also, do not underestimate their work because you are doing your own thing. Appreciate the care and attention that your spouse invests in this everyday chore.

Appreciate not only the results but also the time and thoughtfulness.

Even if your partner is weird and fails to meet your expectations, thank them for their effort and time. If your husband forgets to buy an item from a long grocery list or he or she burns dinner, do not let them feel that all their work is wasting. “It’s not a big deal, honey. Thank you for your effort. “

Praise them privately and publicly.

Often, the husband or wife will feel appreciated at home, but they feel worthless when they leave the public domain. Many couples do not feel the need to thank their special ones in public. At the other end of the spectrum, some spouses thank each other in public to show how well they are keeping while they are abusive at home. When your gratitude is stable and sincere in every aspect of your married life, you will see your relationship’s positive impact.

Let them know that how valuable they are to your success.

Count your blessings and life achievements, and tell your spouse about their impact on your success. Whether it’s your career, academics, parental care, community work, or spiritual development, appreciate how your spouse contributes to achieving your goals.

Get out of your way when they need help.

The real test of a grateful attitude is to take the initiative to make someone feel special and to serve them when your care is most needed. If your spouse is discouraged or overwhelmed one day, be extra careful. Offer to work from home rather than waiting for a request. Let them sleep, give a message, or give the kids a break.

Write tremendous “Thank You” notes.

You will amaze how strong this little gratitude can be to make your husband or wife feel special. These can spend their day. You can hide a note somewhere to find your partner, or you can send a quick text message on the way to work, or shoot a heartfelt email and say, “Thank you!”


Even if you have a thousand reasons to blame your husband, if there is only one reason to thank him, make it a habit always to thank him.

So, practicing that descent theory is leading to a strong bond between you and your husband.

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