After a breakup, there are usually two instances. You are either in conflict with your ex, and the separation did not lead to a “calm after the storm,” or you are lucky to have a healthy relationship after the breakup. There is a connection between the exes you did not expect. There is no much more love between you, but you realize that your ex-lover wants to be friends and a friendship begins to blossom. However, you will be surprised at how close you try to be. You may also think that you do not need this deeply, but this will let you correlate with the person you care about so much. You are going to take advantage of this, so stay in touch. Even if the situation makes you happy or worried, you should put things in perspective before acting because you do not know what to do. If it is better not to have conflicts with your ex, does that mean it is a good idea to be friends?! My ex wants to be friends! This idea breaks their heart for some people because they are still in love with the person, and they want to be reunited. It’s not a problem for other people to continue to see their ex, especially not as a friend! Should you be friends with your ex as a means of trying to get them back? So, continue reading this article, and it will help you!

Why Does My Ex Want To Be Friends With Me After Our Break Up?

It is not uncommon for a former person to still want to be friends after separation, but it is not always easy for the other person to understand. The point is, it hurts you, and you want to be together, and your former proposal to stay close may feel like they are stabbing the wound. Moreover, you will not understand why it should be platonic among you. An ex has all the reasons they need to be friends, but one thing is for sure, they still care about you. We do not know how they will care about you at this point, but in any case, it’s a good sign! Maybe the ex wants to keep you close because the two of you are so close, and the bond between you is not worth throwing away. It can happen with long-term or short-term relationships. At other times, an ex may not understand whether leaving you is a good idea or not; at the same time, they want to keep you close while they recognize it.  However, if you’re going to reconnect with an ex, wanting to be friends with them will benefits!

My EX Wants Be Friends: I Want More.

At first glance, it seems logical to have friends with your ex to avoid stress and disagreements. However, there are two leading causes why you may not be so excited when faced with an idea. It is the most obvious reason. If you are on this site, you are looking for solutions regarding reunion; Not being friends with the person you left (or maybe the person you broke up with). You still have a strong feeling for your ex, and you are not so keen on turning your relationship into a friendship alone. As well as, you want to be together again, and you don’t want to see Ex at parties with friends, and especially, you don’t want to be limited to two or three lines a month. There is no negative reason why you should not want to be friends; It just makes you hope a little more.

Charlotte met eight months ago in Canada: saying that her ex-boyfriend wanted to be friends with her after her separation. She had accepted this long before she came to me, and the purpose of her call was to make her realize how difficult it was to get out of the circle of friends. This new friendly relationship has indeed replaced their previous, intimate, and unique relationship. Use Charlotte as an example that accepting your former request to be friends may not be the best idea. It can be a challenging (but impossible!) situation to come back to normality. 

My Ex Wants To Be Friends, But I Do Not Want To Be In Contact Anymore With Him/Her.

Also, for some people, when a relationship ends, it depicts that it’s all over and you do not have to continue seeing each other and that you need to keep in touch for months or years to come. There are times when cutting off all connections is not easy and can no longer be connected. I’m talking about people who have kids together, so what’s going to be doing for kids or real estate, pets? So, if you do not want to be friends with an ex, it’s because you want to continue your relationship, turn the page and rebuild. Especially, meeting new people and have a bond is not easy when you still see your ex.

What Does it Means That When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends With You?

Often (99.9%)of the time, dumpers suggest friendship to soften the blow. This generous behavior is, in fact, a sign of compassion and sympathy. Exes are not interested in a romantic relationship or a friendly relationship with you. Also, they want to get rid of it altogether – especially if the break time is not so good. When someone does not like to be in a relationship with you because of disagreements, this person does not feel the need for friendship. Separation is not just a physical division but a complete break from each other.

Unfortunately, it is a black or white condition. Your partner does not want to be with you or see you at all because he or she does not want to be your ex-partner; he or she may not want to be your friend. The disgust before and during the break is incredibly high for most dumpers, which is why they work cold and remote. So in rare cases, when your ex tells you that you want to be friends with him, know that he does not genuinely like it. He does not want to hurt you and regrets breaking your heart. Plus, it’s deep in your heart, and you know you do not need it. You are all or all done. As well as, there is no middle ground when it comes to Exes.

However, think carefully about making friends with your ex. It will seem like a great idea when your heartbreaks, but how would you feel if he started dating again? So, this is my decision to be with friends with an ex. Always think intelligently and make sure to act accordingly.

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