Dating can be tough, especially if you are looking for someone who shares similar interests. Women, on the other hand, find many things attractive in men. There’s the physical, emotional, and intellectual attractiveness. But what makes a woman want to go on a date with you? Here are some of the things that attract a younger woman to men.

What makes a woman want to date an older man?

They can relate when you’re young and cute, you probably think that you understand most things, but that is not true. The truth is, you don’t know everything. You may not know about life and the reality of the world. But when a woman meets a man who shares similar interests and outlooks, it makes him seem more trustworthy.

He’s more likely to take you seriously because you are not just another cute young thing. He’s made a commitment to you and is willing to wait for you.2. They are more matureAnother thing that attracts women to older men is their maturity. This is more than just the fact that they are older and can drive better, carry out menial tasks more efficiently, and afford a better lifestyle. It’s about how they carry themselves.

Is it really about the money?

Yes, if you like to spend your money on material things and that’s a turn-off to someone who is looking for long-term relationships. But if you are good with your money, that’s another positive factor for you to consider. Don’t do drugs some people think that smoking marijuana is a turn on but marijuana is bad for the body and its effects on the mental state are horrible.

So, it is better to avoid marijuana. But if you are one of those who like the occasional joints, then by all means smoke away. However, if you find marijuana a turn-on for you, then it’s likely that you would be less attracted to a person who consumes a lot of alcohol or smoke a lot of cigarettes.

The social taboo of dating younger women

It might be the case that it’s very tough for a man to date a younger woman. This is because of the social taboo of dating a younger woman. There are people who say that you are not a man if you have a younger woman as your partner, and people also say that a man is not a gentleman if he dates a younger woman. Although most women find these accusations absurd, they still have some amount of societal pressure that motivates them to hold back from dating younger men.

Because younger men don’t have a lot of experience with women unlike older men, younger men don’t have as much experience with women as older men do. They haven’t gone through the dating “rite of passage” as a man to gain the experience and wisdom that older men have.

What are the benefits of dating younger women?

First and foremost, the younger a woman is, the more time she has had to learn about sex. As a man, you can learn a lot about the intimate side of life from being with a younger woman. Because there’s no pressure to get into a serious relationship, men who are younger or in their 20s and 30s can do whatever they want with women in their 30s and 40s.

This usually leads to sex at a younger age than the next guy. You’re not pressuring them into a serious relationship. There’s no emotional baggage from the past to overcome. When there’s no pressure to get married, this frees up time for the two of you to actually live a life together.

Why should you consider dating younger women?

First of all, younger women tend to be happy in their relationships. In fact, they get happier over time. They are not in relationships for their partner’s sake. They are in relationships to fulfill their own life goals. And men who are happy tend to be attracted to women who are just like them.

So why not take advantage of this? Younger women are also more likely to be interested in seeing you again. They want to see you again, as long as you meet their expectations. Listed below are five major reasons why older women seek out younger men. Read through them carefully and you’ll see that you’re not missing anything and you’ll have more fun with women.1. You’re New To relationships in many ways, older women are going through a very similar experience to younger women.


There’s no universal formula for choosing your partner. Your instincts and intuition will help you find your soulmate. But there are some things that you can do to help you through the dating process. You must locate someone who shares your ideals.

You have to have similar attitudes towards work, family, and daily life. When you know a person inside out, you can start building trust and communication between you and this person. By carefully screening your partner, you will find the perfect match. You will be able to meet someone with whom to share your life.

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