Men are different from women, but what are the types of men that most women really like? There are many different types of men in this world, so it can be difficult to determine which type is best for you. Luckily, here are 10 types of men that most women will find attractive. You can use this guide to determine your perfect type and then pursue him!

What is your personality?

So first of all, you should get to know yourself. What are your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and hobbies? What are your personality traits? Your hobbies are not the same as your personality traits, so it’s important to consider both. However, here are some typical hobbies that most women prefer: Marriage. The perfect man would be just as happy with a quiet weekend at home or a weekend away at a spa. However, if you enjoy meeting new people and having social experiences, this section could help you meet the right man. The perfect man would be just as happy with a quiet weekend at home or a weekend away at a spa. However, if you enjoy meeting new people and having social experiences, this section could help you meet the right man.

The confident man

Man proposes to his girlfriend on Valentine’s day (Picture: Getty Images)In today’s world, confidence is extremely attractive to women. Women know what they want and, if the guy doesn’t meet the minimum standard of confidence, he is not going to be your man.

Men should make a point of showing that they have confidence in themselves and they are confident in who they are. When you meet someone you are interested in, make a point of telling him how you feel about him. Men love to hear that they are important to you and that you have confidence in their ability. When the time is right, tell him how confident you feel about him.

The adventurous man

Do you get an adrenaline rush when you see an adventure come to life? Do you like it when men are more adventurous and live life to the fullest? If so, then you might want to start looking for a man who shares some of these same values.

He’s someone who wants to try new things and push his limits. He’s someone who works hard to enjoy life, and isn’t afraid to change things up! He’s spontaneous, adventurous, and likes to go big or go home! Women love men like this because it’s clear that he has a great sense of adventure. So you can make him your adventure partner and help him do something that he’ll never forget! The story teller Women are very visual and emotional people. So if a man can tell a good story, then he will be an excellent partner.

The funny guy

When it comes to men who love women, there are certain guys who have a lot to be desired. For one thing, they can often be a little bit scary and unpleasant. Yet, this type of guy is the most adorable and fun of all. So it’s always best to keep an eye on the funny guy.

The friendly guy

everyone needs someone to have a laugh with. This guy is the most outgoing guy you could possibly meet and he will always have a smile on his face. He is always laughing and cracking jokes. The friendly guy will make your day and he won’t complain when you don’t laugh enough.

The cute guy

This guy doesn’t care how good-looking he is. He just knows that he is a good person. When he notices a woman who is attractive, he will never make an unnecessary comment. Instead, he will try and be very respectful.

The sensitive type

One type of man that seems to be in demand with women these days is the sensitive type. In addition to sensitive feelings, these men are softhearted and can make the best of a bad situation, such as helping a friend in a pinch. They are often great listeners and depend on good communication to show their emotions. Witty-type women are often attracted to smart and witty men who make them laugh.

Sensitive man will be very emotional and will be open to showing his feelings, even if that emotion is anger, fear, or disappointment. Emotionally he may be too sensitive, but he is likely to be respectful of your feelings. He is likely to be friendly and social and will make you feel a lot of love.

These men are typically good listeners and make conversation with ease. They also appreciate seeing their woman doing well in her career and they might even encourage her to follow her dreams and perhaps even join a new company with her. Confident typing confidence is probably one of the most important traits for any man to have.

The intellectual type

If you want a man who is comfortable in his own skin but isn’t a closet academic, an intellectual is a man for you. Most women prefer this kind of man, who will try to satisfy your deepest intellectual desires. He’s likely to be intellectual in other ways as well and will respect you for being intelligent.

The mysterious type

This type is fascinating. They are usually quiet and shy, but once you get to know them they’re very charming and willing to prove their manliness. They’re the type of man who takes care of his family and appreciates feminine traits, such as a good personality. You will feel very comfortable around this type of man, and this will make it easier for you to open up to him.

The European type

The European type is a sensitive, romantic type of guy. They don’t have a huge appetite, so they’re often picky about food. They’re also easy-going and accepting of others. They also tend to stay at home a lot, and they like to just spend their time with their family and close friends.

The practical type

The practical type is the hardest type to find. He is the type of man who enjoys hard work.


Just like women are attracted to different personalities, so are men, and there are some types that are better suited for particular people. It’s important to try to find the best man for your specific needs and qualities, and then make sure that your compatibility is good before you get married. However, if you are looking to start a family then you may need to marry someone who is able to provide a stable and dependable home life. No two children are exactly alike and each will have its own unique set of personality traits, needs, likes, dislikes, and quirks.

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